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What We Do

Mobile Truck Facilities

M3 owns and operates (3) state-of-the-art custom-designed mobile audio facilities. Each is capable of recording/ broadcasting 192+channels of discrete audio, through dedicated fiber optic delivery systems. Our Eclipse and Voyager trucks are identical equipment clones and vary only in physical size and interior acoustic design. Our Phoenix truck features its own custom design and equipment.

Download M3 Eclipse Dimensions

Download Eclipse Truck Specs 2023

Download Voyager Truck Dimensions

Download Voyager Truck Specs 2023

Download M3 Phoenix Dimensions

Download Phoenix Truck Specs 2023

Download OBU Dimensions

Download OBU Truck Specs 2023

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Portable Audio Systems

M3 has designed and built custom audio recording systems, utilizing the latest technologies capable of being transported and set up on-site where truck systems are not able to be used. These systems vary from simple 64-channel track counts to larger 128track counts.

Download Flight Pack Specs 2023

Mixing Systems

M3’s mixing systems vary slightly from truck to truck.  All mixer systems (whether truck or portable) feature LAWO hardware.  With a 40 bit floating point precision DSP, LAWO offers superior sound and musical qualities, plus full core and satellite redundancy.  All systems feature Avid Pro Tools recorders.  Pro Tools is recognized as the industry standard for file capture and delivery.  All feature 5.1 surround M&K Studio monitors, Waves SuperRack Plug Ins, TC Electronics 6000 processors and UAD Live Racks for added flexibility. Whether 48k or 96k, M3 mixing systems deliver.

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With a combined history of over 50 years in the music industry, M3 professionals can offer time tested solutions for audio capture and mix.  From early production to final deliveries, M3 has the ability to stay on target and on budget.  With our next generation of mix engineers M3 brings new ideas to every project.  

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